The South West Sour has landed!

Brewed in our Margret River home, the South West Sour is set to hit your taste buds with a refreshing tropical zing.

Pale, Wheat and Munich malts build a light body with a hint of sweetness, the brewers partially fermented this with a natural bacteria in the brew house.  Ale yeast completes the job in the fermentation tank, adding a little extra fruitiness to boot.  Hops from both hemispheres provide a vibrant tropical aroma with low bitterness to keep this golden sour light and refreshing.

“We’re really excited to be brewing something a little different to complement our mainstay ales. It’s our first time brewing a sour outside our ultra-limited project range we’re confident that newcomers to the style will enjoy this one as much as we all are right now. The balance of delicate acidity and fresh vibrant hops make it very drinkable, while showcasing unique flavours of peach and pineapple.” – Ash, Head of Brewing


Specs for the beer geeks:
MALT: Pale Malt / Wheat Malt / Light Munich Malt
HOPS: Citra / Mosaic / Kohatu
YEAST: Lactobacillus / Ale Yeast

Here’s where you can find our latest seasonal brew:


NSW and Queensland stockists coming soon.