In these dark days of international uncertainty and turmoil, we’re all looking for a way to escape the crushing weight of reality. Our brewers feel the same way, and that’s why we, against our better judgement, let them loose each year on the Inquest – a beer that lets them have a crack at something weird and wonderful with just three mandates; it must be rich, dark and strong.

CBCO x Billy bones club

Over the years Inquest has become more of a philosophy than a brand, it has morphed into a symbol of no drama culture, mates, and bloody good times. 

In that spirit, we’ve teamed up with Melbourne-based Billy Bones Club who are all about the finer things in life, music, festivals, late nights, kick ons, mates, art, skating, surfing, bad tatts, good mexican and everything in between.

Introducing the Colonial Brewing Co. x Billy Bones Club Limited Edition Inquest 2021 Tee.

you be the judge


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