About CBCO.

Uncomplicated. That’s life in Margaret River. And that’s the philosophy behind the Colonial Brewing Company.

One of the first breweries to open on Western Australia’s wild coastline, the Colonial Brewing Co tapped its first keg in 2004. It was the first step in an incredible journey, and guided by some of Australia’s most talented and passionate brewers, we opened our first East Coast brewery in Port Melbourne in 2015.

But even as we grow, we still do things the exact same way we do them in the Margaret River. We do them uncomplicated. That’s why our hand-crafted beer actually tastes like beer should. It’s why our ciders use only cold-pressed Australian apples. It’s why we created a range of crafted cans that could go where you go and do what you do, from the bar to a barbie, a festival to the footy.

Because life is better uncomplicated.

Colonial Brewing Company

Margaret River is the special corner of the world in which our beer story began. Known for its relaxed lifestyle, beaches and scenic views, the brewery is a place to share a piece of our story.
Port Melbourne is home to the East side of brewing. Inspired by Music, Melbourne's laneways and the dynamic craft beer market, CBCO is a small brewery living the big city life. Located km's out of Melbourne CBD the brewers are local guys making local beers inspired by the ever-changing beer culture.



From the land of Choulette, Bellerose and garlic snails, Flora traveled to Australia five years ago to take up a production manager role in the glamorous yeast manufacturing industry. As a biochemical engineer, she spent her free time experimenting with cheeky homebrews and enlisted her artistic friends to create dazzling labels. Tired of her friends dubbing her the Yeast Queen, Flora abdicated her throne to pursue her beer obsession at CBCo. Since then, she has not looked back, and has remained a passionate brewer, sampler and a dedicated Pink Boots coordinator. Otherwise, Flora loves being outdoors, enjoys Melbourne events and nearly never buys anything new!


From a young age Dion wondered if the only true heroic job out there was a SUPERvisor. Having traversed the east coast of Australia DJing, he settled in Melbourne to do a season on the slopes of Hotham and to study audio engineering. Along the way, stumbling happily across CBCo. After pouring pints behind the brewery bar, working his way around the packaging line and cleaning kegs, he hopped at the opportunity to have a hand in brewing the very beer he drinks.



This is Gareth. He is a man of mediocre wit, abundant enthusiasm, and the persistent curiosity of a three year old. He wanted to work in brewing so much that he left the sunny beaches of WA for a rookie brewing role in the Riverina. There he stayed, playing in a world of slick automation until the lure of hands-on brewing turned his head. He applied for a position at Colonial Margaret River but was instead brought into the fold at the Port Melbourne brewery at the start of 2018. Since joining the Colonial team he has balanced his time between asking infinite questions and making infinite bad jokes.



Since clocking marine environmental science, Jez felt the need to upskill his portfolio. Beer, his other passion, was the obvious choice. After a gruelling sensory of the CBCo range the night before the interview, Jez spent his first 16 months dominating in the logistics/warehousing  department with The Stiv.

Jez has since weaselled his way into the brewery. Widely regarded as a treatsman, Jez  appreciates the finer things society has on offer. Time spent traipsing around the globe have  somewhat spoilt this fancy lad’s pallet. This, and a relentless thirst for good beer, is what led Jez to the beer industry and ultimately CBCo.

What an absolute treat for the senses” – Jeremy R Willcox, 2019.



Will lived the life in California for three years on and off, and recorded two albums in the States with his highly acclaimed band – the Sky Bombers. In fact, the band was so successful that one of the other band members is a brewer at Stone and Wood! Now Will works as a washed up musician/incompetent brewer, and the oldest guy in the brewhouse with the least amount of experience. The only thing he brings to the table is slightly above-average banter. He is not a smart man.


After circling the proverbial sinkhole of personal time that is home-brewing for a half dozen years, Joe found his way into brewing with 4 Pines up around the northern beaches of Sydney. But missing the grime of Melbourne too much, he hopped on a plane back to start up in the ever changing and always cool, Port Melbourne brewery of Colonial Brewing Co! Forever a student but always willing to chat, if you see Joe say g’day and have a beer!


With her interest being piqued in a college laboratory when a glass carboy exploded out of the blue, Kate decided to take a different turn with her Microbiology degree and hung up the lab coat for gum boots and overalls. Since then, working in the beer industry has taken her from her homeland of Ireland and bountiful pints of Guinness, to the IPA capital of San Diego, and now to the thriving craft beer hub of Melbourne. Free time spent mostly spinning around on two wheels, or experimenting with combining two of her great loves-beer and baked goods. Double-chocolate imperial stout brownies anyone?


Ryan Nobbs

Starting out young and offering up his hands for free to get his head around brewery work, Ryan worked his way up the ladder until he was crowned Head Brewer at the ripe old age of 23. After completing his Diploma of Brewing at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, Ryan began his training in Munich to become a Master Brewer.
Learning both traditional and modern brewing techniques throughout Europe, Ryan became the first Australian to ever complete the Master Brewing qualification through Siebel, Doemans and the World Brewing Association.

Ash Hazell Head Brewer Colonial Brewing Co


Ashley Hazell

It was clear where Ash’s career was heading after creating a chemistry ‘research project’ that involved brewing beer in the uni labs. He spent almost a decade at Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle before driving across the Nullabour with his wife and dog along for the ride, landing in Melbourne to help start Barrow Boys Brewing. A couple of years on, shiny stainless steel was the lure used to bring him on board at Colonial as the Head of Brewing. Ash sightings in the wild can be holding fish or disguised in a hat around Melbourne town, but are never far from good beer.


Jarrod Stivala

The Stiv, Steve or Derek to many, is our Tim the Tool Man Taylor of CBCO. Give him a problem and he will reach into his bag of tricks and fix it. Formerly at Portsea Hotel for Colonial Leisure Group, Stiv was asked to help out at Colonial Brewing Co Margaret River for a month and fell in love with the brewing culture. The dream team moved across to the East Coast to start up the Port Melbourne Brewery and the rest is history…with many stories accumulated along the way.


While working for C.U.B., Chris decided that a big step up in workload and responsibility for significantly less money was exactly what he wanted, and joined the Illawarra Brewing Company (IBC) as the head brewer. After over a year at IBC and a short stint at Holgate, he ended up back in his home town, brewing at Colonial in Port Melbourne. Chris is studying to sit his Diploma of Brewing, and with him joining Ash on the brewfloor, Port Melbourne now boasts a formidable team that excels at brewing and lame jokes.


Ryan Cleghorn

Cleggy discovered the joys of craft beer while chasing winter between Mt Hotham and Canada, trying many of the great crafts North America has to offer. After 4 years of winter he decided to pack away his snow gear and move to Portsea. A summer was done, and he returned to the snow until an altercation with a tree ended his dream in Japan. Heading back to CLG and Colonial Brewing Co, a new dream blossomed. Back with his boys, he joined the team as a keg monkey and under the guidance of the fellow beer lovers hopes to soon learn the art of brewing.