Building Badges

Draught is about beer, plain and simple.


It is the spirit of beer without pretence, its a people’s beer, you know like  warm summer nights or a table of old friends, it’s genuine and relaxed. In this day and age though we still need to tell our story, whilst we thought about letting the beer speak for itself with a plain can or a hand written note glued to beer tap saying beer,  we thought you might think we were a little bit crazy.

So when it came to branding the stuff, our challenge was to distil the quality and simplicity of the care and love our people put into Draught, the stuff you dont get to see,  the thoughtful consideration of the process that get grain turned into liquid sunshine into a symbol you can trust without being complicated or clever.

After the usual rounds of talking to the marketing\design types (you know the lets externalise the irrational emotional buys ins with interpretive dance) we met the gang at Alter.

“As a small Australian brewer, Colonial  values quality but not at the price of exclusivity. How do you reflect the effort and time that goes into the process of brewing at the point of sale? The guys (at Colonial Brewing Co.) weren’t fans of plastic or the clutter of competing messaging found in most bars. Neither do justice to the motivation and efforts of brewers. They don’t reflect the quality of the product.”

Alter said “We wanted to make a badge for a tap that would speak to notions of quality and times when bars were less about campaigns and more about beer.”

And so they did. The end product uses bold, contemporary colours, refusing gimmicks. The team employed practical, purpose driven and classic design and construction. The badges are not embellished beyond the practicalities of the medium, confidently stating what is there, and nothing more, albeit with high quality execution, resulting in hand-painted, robust and hardwearing emblems. They are built for longevity and reliability, like back in the day.

We don’t want to patronise or baffle punters with advertising and jargon –  the craft beer scene is loud enough. The old school looks of Colonial’s new badges cut through the clutter and noise at the bar, so punters can focus on what’s important, great quality beer. That is all.